Wallaroo Miss Moneypenny

d.o.b 14.11.2008
sire Wallaby Lucknow Lad
dam Hillhaven Journey for Keeps
breeder Sara Herzlinger, kennel Wallaroo, Germany

Agility: medium3
Obedience: open class
Mental test: +40p, afraid of shots, disq
Shows: 2 x CC

ED: 0/0
Eyes: clear (2/2015)
cardiac: clear (2/2015)
BAER: +/+
prcd-pra: A (obligate)
Back: sp1, ltv0, va0
43cm/16,5 kg

Offspring: Cossaks G-litter (one blue male)
Seela also adopted two acd/east siberian laika -mixes and nursed them with her own pup.

Seela came to me at a time of great sorrow. My first dog Miina had just died and this blue little girl was just what I needed for my heartache. How could I be sad with a dog so happy as Seela always is?

Seela has alway been very pleasent girl to work with, she is very keen on her own people. Seela is a lively, happy little girl that goes full speed ahead whenever she can - it's no wonder why she is such a great agility dog. She has a good (almost a bit too good) apetite and is keen on tug-of-war with me.

Under the active - happy-go-lucky -attitude there is a little shy girl in Seela as well. She is a little reserved towards strangers and she has her sensitive side. This shyness wracked Seelas mental test but does not affect our everyday life or our hobbies, while Seela is working with me she forgets all the rest and trusts me to handle things. Seela is afraid of shots and thunder, but while working she doesn't even seem to notice thunder, which tells quite a lot about her motivation.

Seela is very talented agility dog, she has a great drive but she stayes obedient even in very high state of mind. She has great physics and coordination, and is very willing to learn.  Seela got her first clear run in her first agility competition, moved to class two in her fifth competition and to class three in her overall ninth competition, now we have two clear runs from AGI3 already.It has been a dream come true in agility with Seela.

Not all things come true, unfortunately. I was hoping that one day I could breed Seela and get myself her offspring, but  Seelas first litter was her last. Due to complications in labour she had an emergency c-section and her utiris was badly damaged.  Seela lost two puppies, but one blue male survived. Ege (Cossaks Game Over) grew up with two adopted acd-mixes and Seela was a great mum to all three.

Seelas drive, motivation, humour and devotion and trust to me have really moved me. Her faults will never mean as much to me as do her strenghts. She is a great little girl and so very important to me. 

Thank you Sara Herzlinger for this wonderful girl!

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