Woylie's Karkki

d.o.b 9.4.2013
sire Jumpin Jokers Guilian
dam Danbar River of Dreams
breeder Anja Kröner, kennel Woylie's, Germany

ED: 0/0
Back: LTV free, VA free, too young for rating spondylosis
Eyes: clear (2/2015)
Cardiac: clear (2/2015)
PRA: pattern A (obligate)
BAER: +/+

Somewhere along the way I started craving for a third dog. During several long night shifts I searched through internet, studied pedigrees, pictures, youtube... you name it. One thing was for sure: finding a cattle dog litter that was not about looks but temperament, health and workability, was not a piece of cake.

The I ran into this litter. The father's line crosses Seela's father, and goes back to Jumpin' Jokers dogs, that have always pleased me. Father was very neat agility dog with nice structure, effortless jumps and very good state of mind.

The dam is American import and has several active cousins and half-brothers/sisters in USA, that do almost everything from herding to dock-diving and agility. River looked so familiar in the pictures. I had found my litter and I was lucky enough to get a silly looking red girl to call mine. I named her Karkki, which means candy. 

Karkki is now 1,5 years old and I like her very very much. She is a fun combination of truly fierce, actively working dog but on the other hand, she loves to curl up next to me and Seela and has softened many hearts.
She is a quick learner, has fantastic memory (which is not always an easy trait to a trainer) and has a very stong ON -switch. She has a strong play, good bite to toys, and is super easy to motivate. Downsides? She can be a bit loud at times. While heeling and doing comands she is quiet but has learned to demand orders and directions by a very high pitch screeming (also called barking). This trait has earned her the nick name Wiu.

Karkki has been shown a few times, judges have liked her quite much, she has earned exellent at every show and has one certificate for Finnish championship. She is strong but not heavy, balanced girl, 44 cm high (although agility judges disagreed on that and she will compete in medium class). Her structure is very good for a sports dog. Nothing exaggered, but everything works together nicely.

We have trained agility, obedience, rally obedience (one approved result from rally too!), tracking and human search. We have also tried herding, where she showed very intense working mode.

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